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Child Illness

Learn everything you need to know about protecting your loved ones future

Child Illness as any parent will to you is a worrying time. Whether it is a fever in a small baby or something much more serious. It is upsetting, worrying, costly both in time and money. All any parent wants is the best for their child if something should happen.

But what if it is serious?

Case Study: Protecting your child against serious Illness

Child Illness:

Whilst I was discussing family protection with my clients Dave & Emily, who had two daughters. They re-told a situation that Emily’s sister’s family had with their son a few years ago.

child illness

He contracted a child illness that required specialist treatment that was not available on the national health. They did research on their own and discovered that there was a specialist in America who had successfully treated one of his patients previously. However it was very expensive. It also meant that as their son was only 4, one of them would need to accompany him in America whilst he received the appropriate treatment.

They re-mortgaged their property to the max, however that still left a shortfall.

They then appealed to social media, contacted the national papers and TV and after several worrying months, had enough for a three month stay in America.

The effect this had on the family was devastating, not only was the family split up for several months with only phone calls, they had depleted their savings and are now struggling to pay the mortgage & associated bills. They had, what they thought was suitable protection at the time, but found out that it only covered “specific critical illnesses” which their child illness wasn’t on the “specified” list.

Thankfully their son made a full recovery. The worry, financial strain and wait for treatment had and continues to have a negative effect on the family!

child illness

Dave & Emily wanted to know how they could avoid this happening to them?


By taking out a policy with Bristol & West Financial Services, we always recommend a provider that has additional benefits for the policy holder & any children. The benefits are as follows:

24hr health help-line – this gives you 24 hours access to a dedicated number to talk to medical experts, rather than rely on the NHS 111 help-line. You also have a dedicated number for counselling advice, whether bereavement or just general, for the whole family.

Best Doctors:

Founded over 28 years ago by professors from Harvard Medical School, best Doctors is a worldwide network of over 50,000 medical specialist across 450 specialities.

These experts are identified through the medical profession’s largest ongoing peer-to-peer survey. Every two years, doctors in the survey are asked if they or a loved one needed a doctor in a certain speciality, who would they choose? The top 5% of those recommended make it onto the Best Doctors list. Doctors are not paid for being on the list – nor do doctors pay Best Doctors to be on the list.

Global Treatment:

√   Optional on Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Living Cost protection policies.

√   Covers you and your children for specified treatments

√   Provides access to an expert second medical opinion and overseas treatment

√   Includes travel, treatment, accommodation and daily expenses

√   Pays for and organises travel and 3-4 star accommodation for both parents or parent and companion.

√   Upfront cash allowance of £100 per day of hospitalisation overseas for up to 60 days.

√   Covers on-going medication costs up to £50,000, on return to the UK for approved medications that are not funded, or only partially funded by the NHS

√   Up to £1 million of annual cover per person


Had Emily’s sister taken out one of our policies, both parents would have been able to accompany their son to America, all expenses paid and being able to receive on-going treatment when returning to the UK without having to go through the heartache of re-mortgaging their property and asking for hand-outs from family, friends, social media and having to go cap in had to the papers and TV.

More Information

David & Emily took out cover against serious child illness!

All this for an additional £4 on any of the above policies. Less than 2 Costa coffees a Month!